Top Three Dangers Inside Older Homes And Buildings

Top Three Dangers Inside Older Homes And Buildings

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Older homes tend to have some pretty dangerous items inside them. While they may not pose an immediate threat to the inhabitants as well as their neighbours, knowing about all those dangerous and toxic materials that may be lurking inside your home is vital when remodelling or restructuring your home. Otherwise, you run the risk of putting yourself and many other people in danger needlessly, which would make your whole renovation project a pointless exercise that exposes a lot of people to harm.

Some of the most common dangers hidden inside older buildings are as follows. Make sure to contact expert removalists or builders to handle these materials when making any major change to your home. This ensures that the nearby environment doesn’t get contaminated by hazardous particles: these will instead be safely disposed of according to local rules and regulations.

  • Asbestos – This material was quite widely used in the construction industry due to its useful fire retardant properties. It is also quite durable and very light, thus making it suitable to construct a variety of products including roof claddings, tiles and many types of insulation materials. While asbestos roof removal Perth that are not disturbed will not pose a problem, the situation is quite the opposite when they start crumbling. Breathing in the minute asbestos particles leads to major diseases, including a deadly form of lung cancer. In order to take care of your asbestos garage lining, contact specialized removalists as soon as possible. Don’t take too long or you run the risk of exposing yourself to major health issues.
  • Lead – Here is another material which used to be a staple of plumbing and paint pigments. Once it was discovered that lead tends to accumulate in living tissues, causing all sorts of damage to animals and humans, its use was terminated and it was quickly phased out of the market. Make sure to check your plumbing and contact professionals specializing in contaminated land remediation to replace old pipes and lead paint with safer alternatives. Don’t try to do this alone, as it may lead you to suffer from lead poisoning.
  • Old Wiring – Old wiring can give you problems due to worn out insulation and electrical shorts occurring in between wires. If you don’t exercise some care, you could easily find yourself being in the middle of a large fire in your own house, with no proper way to control it without knowing where it has originated from. When replacing old wiring, also consider installing new plug points and circuit breakers, as these allow you to protect your home and devices from power spikes and surges occurring when lightning strikes nearby.

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